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About Symobi

The name Symobi derives from "System for mobile applications".

Symobi is an...

  • embedded
  • microkernel
  • multiplatform
  • real-time operating system (RTOS)
  • with a modern system architecture.

  • This means it...

  • can be run on embedded hardware with no more than 4 MB RAM,
  • scales up to platforms with up to 2048 MB RAM and more,
  • is built upon a real-time microkernel of only about 40 kilobytes,
  • offers lightweight multithreading as well as processes (separated address spaces),
  • implements a security oriented architecture which enforces strict access limitations,
  • can be ported to other architectures easily,
  • offers a fully featured graphical user interface (GUI) but can also be run completely without,
  • supports low power platforms for mobile applications,
  • makes use of multiple processors/cores if available,
  • is primarily targeted for embedded systems but also used for applications running normal PC hardware,
  • has a client/server-architecture,
  • offers a modern, object oriented ABI.

  • This makes Symobi one of the most modern and efficient embedded RTOSes available.
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