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Supported Hardware

Symobi is platform independent by architecture. Hence, it can be deployed on all modern processor architectures. Nevertheless, there is some work to do to really port Symobi to a new hardware platform. But this work is easy to do since only platform specific mechanisms (e.g. MMU) have to be implemented. There are no architectural changes to be made and there is no higher level programming work to do. As a result, Symobi can be ported to a new platform within weeks and to another processor model of an already supported platform within days. This basic ability of Symobi is liked a lot by our customers since it allows them to choose the hardware they really want and need for their application instead of having to choose a hardware fitting the RTOS used.

x386 / IA32

This platform, widely known as the PC platform, is supported for a wide range of processors by Symobi, since it runs on almost every processor available for this platform. Some examples are:


  • 80386, 80486, Pentium
  • Pentium Pro, Pentium III, Pentium 4
  • Core Solo, Core Duo
  • Intel multi core

  • Core 2 Solo, Core 2 Duo
  • AMD

  • SC420, SC520
  • K6, K6-2, K6-III
  • Athlon, Sempron
  • VIA

  • Cyrix III, C3
  • C7, Eden
  • ARM / XScale

    This platform is specialized on designs with extremely low power consumption. Power efficiency is also one of the major abilities of Symobi.

    Marvell / Intel

  • PXA-250, PXA-255
  • PXA-270
  • IXP-420
  • PowerPC

    PowerPC processors combine high performance with relatively low power consumption. They are often to be found in embedded designs and the dynamic extendability of Symobi is a highly appreciated ability for developers who work with this platform.

    Motorola / Freescale

  • G2,
  • G3,
  • G4,
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