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Privacy Statement


The Symobi website offers information and downloads regarding the Symobi operating system of Miray Software. Personal data is only collected and processed as far as necessary for delivering information to interested users. Apart from possible statistical evaluations of anonymous or anonymised utilization data for internal purposes, we have no self-interest in the collected and processed data in principle. Hence we understand the regulations of the German "Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BSDG)" as a natural base for handling personal data. Moreover, we pay attention to handle personal data as restrictive as possible in all aspects of the services we provide. Especially, it is our concern to limit the amount of collected and processed data to a minimum. In the following paragraphs, we explain to you how and in which extent we collect and process data for this purpose. We intend to reveal you not only the extent but also the purpose of the particular data handling and hope to win your legitimate confidence in our data protection hereby.

Personal Data


We collect personal data only for the purpose of serving you interest (e.g. newsletter) and only in the necessary extent. Personal data is either collected by transmission or by automated processes.


All personal data is only used for the purpose of the services this website offers. Email addresses are only used for necessary correspondence. Particularly, personal data is not used for advertising or market research issues.


We only transmit that personal data, which is necessary for fulfillment of our services. Beyond that, we don not transmit personal data to any third party.

Storage and Deletion

We store the personal data collected for being able to fulfill our services. As soon as we have performed our services completely and finally or the customer is no longer entitled to these services, the stored personal data will be deleted automatically by our data processing equipment.

Non-Personal Data

Besides personal data, our web server also stores anonymous access data automatically. This data is stored temporarily and used internally for statistical evaluation of server utilization. It is stored until the date of evaluation and will be deleted subsequently.

Secure Data Transfer

We are exerted to protect personal data already when it is transferred. For protecting your privacy we always use connections for the transfer of personal data that are cryptographically secured by SSL. This ensures that data is not visible to any third party and that the data is only transferred to our server. You can identify a SSL protected connection by the yellow symbolic lock in the status line of your browser and by the address in the address line, where "http" changes to "https".


This website may use cookies. They exclusively serve for the purpose of optimizing the viewing experience of our internet pages for the visitors.

Scope and Consent

This privacy statement refers to all internet pages accessible through the domains "symobi.com" and "symobi.de". At the latest when using these pages or entering data, the user grants his consent to the described collection, storage and processing of data.


Regarding the stored data, every user is granted the right of access to personal data, the right to correction of incorrect data as well as the right to barring or deletion of the data. Of course we willingly provide you with information about the usage of your stored personal data at any time. Regarding correction, barring or deletion it has to be considered that such changes may possibly limit the services you are entitled to. For example sending newsletters becomes impossible after barring or deletion of your email address. Nevertheless we willingly carry out changes for you at any time.

For further questions concerning the topic of privacy, access or change requests we are available to you at mail@nanoways.com.
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