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Introducing Symobi

Symobi ("System for mobile applications") is a modern and mobile OS. It is based on the µnOS operating system which incorporates the Sphere microkernel. Symobi offers a complete graphical OS environment with services, a graphical user interface, standard programs, and drivers. The operating system is designed for the use in embedded and mobile systems, but is also suitable for other purposes.

The Vision of Symobi

The area of development of embedded, real-time, and application specific systems is undergoing major changes. In those days, systems had to be able to guarantee the usability and the quality of one main task. Nowadays, a range of additional functionality or even several main tasks is necessary. Meanwhile, the high quality level of each task needs to be maintained.

Developers need an environment which lets them combine different levels of development in an efficient way. High level development should allow for the implementation of new features shortly and for the reduction of risk of bugs. Low level development is essential for optimizing an embedded or real-time application.


...an operating system that combines modern operating system design with embeddable RTOS essentials.

Valuable Abilities
  • real-time
  • small size/footprint
  • high provable stability/reliability
  • simplicity
  • high performance
  • small, efficient API
  • embeddable
  •   Modern Features
  • multi-core/multi-processor support
  • multi-platform
  • client/server architecture
  • isolated hardware driver architecture
  • light-weight multithreading & multitasking
  • strongly protected process spaces
  • wide-range scalability

  • Symobi offers all these features in one single operating system. In other words, Symobi is an operating system that meets all the standards needed today and, for this reason, is one of the most modern and efficient RTOSes available.
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